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PBET Expanding Offline Casinos to Online Scape Joins LATOKEN Launchpad for Its IEO

PBET has recently got its IEO hosted at LATOKEN exchange on its multi-asset trading platform. The company envisions to conjoin physical casinos with online casinos, thanks to its blockchain crypto-based Unified Gaming platform.

Cyprus, August 5st 2019: Next-gen crypto gaming platform PBET is delighted to announce the launch of its IEO on leading crypto exchange LATOKEN. After the conclusion of the IEO, PBET token will be listed on LATOKEN for trading.

PBET aspires to create a convergence between physical casinos and online gaming space through its innovative Unified Gaming platform- whilst incorporating cryptocurrencies for payments. Put simply, PBET aims to help physical casinos to expand online so that these platforms can acquire highly-valued online players yet at a fraction of cost needed to acquire online players normally.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our IEO on the esteemed platform of LATOKEN. We have been looking forward to secure a place in the leading exchange and to be finally listed is enormously special to us.  LATOKEN commands a huge user base and the launch of our IEO here would facilitate excellent exposure for our token PBET.  We are watching for a positive response for our IEO on LATOKEN”, stated Bassel Moukaddem, CEO of Pbet.

The company has come up with a revolutionary turn-key, “0” fixed fees, revenue-sharing model that enables physical casinos to expand online without the high costs of penetrating online. Pbet also assures lesser transactional fees for online payments for players as well as quasi-immediate withdrawal with crypto payments.

Founded in Russia, LATOKEN is not just a crypto exchange but also a decentralized multi-asset trading platform.  The exchange allows easy trading in all major coins as well as many new emerging coins. It’s to stress here LATOKEN portal is based on DAG technology that assures super-fast trading in just seconds. Moreover, the exchange is extremely particular about security and has deployed advanced measures like encryption key, DDOS protection, 2FA to ensure a safe trading environ for users. The exchange also stores 99.5 percent of users’ funds in cold wallet to prevent hacking.

“We are glad to host the IEO for Pbet. The crypto gaming platform shows great promise and its token PBET will witness rising value over time. We are expecting a strong future for Pbet and PBET token and are happy to present our users with a high potential token”, added the chief spokesperson from LATOKEN.

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PBET Expanding Offline Casinos to Online Scape Joins LATOKEN Launchpad for Its IEO

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