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Simplify Business by Simplifying Banking: An Innovation from AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD

The digital age has changed the relationship between customers and banks. Mobile transactions increased by 121% between 2017 and 2022, while visits to bank branches fell. According to research from CACI, the typical consumer averages around seven bank visits per year. By 2022, the number of visits per year to will be reduced to four. Consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 will visit their bank about just two visits annually by 2022.

The convenience of having everything we need in our smartphones has opened up a new, more immediate and effortless method of interaction. As people change, so do their habits and needs. A bank must understand what the needs of their customers are in 2019, and it must not only adapt, but optimize itself.

The increasing use of online banking has shifted the heart of banks from their previous physical locations. The bank-customer relationship is very fragile, and the problem is that banks are not ready for this virtual change.

Banks trust their customers less because banks do not meet their customers as frequently as in the past. On one hand, banks protect themselves by imposing sending fees and withdrawal limits, and freezes on any potentially suspicious activity. On the other hand, people no longer trust banks, as they see banks as a entity that rules its customers to exploit their finances.

A new bank-customer relationship must be formed, which can help the customer to feel understood, that any doubt or problem solved can be an easy and pleasant experience. To make this possible, the bank must know its customers trust them. In this scenario, the AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD presents itself as a company specializing in the software programming of payment systems. Its founder, Alessio Vinassa, is a Italian entrepreneur who approached the payment industry with the idea of the need for his business. Over the years, he continuously sought the ideal bank for which he could supply solutions such as:

- A simple and stable bureaucracy, without any sudden changes that might create doubts with customers

- Minimal sending and receiving times, with no waiting for weeks or even months, due to inspections

- Support that is always available and clear, which solves client problems.


“One of the first activities I started is a gold-mining cave in Burkina Faso (Inti Gold Global Sarl) and absurdly the biggest problem was paying for equipment and the installation. Sending money to another continent can become impossible, especially when you’re a young company, “ says the Italian entrepreneur, Vinassa, “The same to receive payments. When making a gold sale, I couldn’t afford to wait for months to receive payment from the person I sold it to. Often it happened like this, since the banks blocked for checks the sends of European buyers toward Africa. Time is money for an entrepreneur, and I invested too much time in the bank to justify my business.”

If a bank constantly requests unnecessary checks, it can slow the business down. If a business continually encounters these roadblocks, it risks coming to a complete stop. Alessio Vinassa then made the decision to create a solution.

The AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD, after five years of experience in programming payment systems for its customers, has created its own payment institution. The name will be announced in November 2019, but a preview is now available describing what it is all about.

AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD’s online payment institution, places the need for all users to first have a positive experience by:

- Creating a transparent relationship between institution and customer with mutual trust; clients are guaranteed no subsequent control, suspensions with no purpose and with no discrimination towards new digital entrepreneurial activities through initial knowledge that would increase the activation of customers. This guarantees speed of activity and safety for the customer.

- Handling each phase online; From opening the account to support, the presence of the customer in an office is never required.

- Customizing the account for each customer; Getting to know the customer by understanding their unique needs and then proposing suitable upgrades for everyone

- Opening accounts quickly; Registering in less than 5 minutes; Private verification of an account within an hour; In 60 minutes, customers can request and receive their virtual card that can be used for online payments immediately.

- 24/7 support.

  • Transaction security through blockchain technology
  • Digital ID.

One point, regarding business accounts, must be noted. Businesses, that open an account online, take 48 hours for verification. From that point on, entrepreneurs can choose an upgrade to receive services designed exclusively for their business. One of the services is having a personal manager assigned that can provide useful information for their business, such as matters dealing with national regulations and interactions, and how to proceed with accounting.

Business customers will be able to introduce their business through an online call so that the AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD payment institution knows immediately what to expect and to be able to provide optimal, speedy service with no restraints.

“As customers continue to change the way they do banking, AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD will change the way they are served.” Says Vinassa. “Traditional brick branches will be replaced by a service with no time or space limitations. Everything can be done online in total safety and comfort, remaining available 24 hours a day. “

AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD will publish its payment institution in November 2019. 500,000 clients are already ready to access the payment institution in the next 120 days after its publication (possible by established agreements). The payment institution is under construction, thanks to the funds raised by its funders.

Alessio Vinassa states, “People will start again or for the first time to trust payment systems. When the service knows its customers, then it can trust them, receiving trust in return. The personalization of the user experience through the integration of online services is the factor that most of all can foster the acquisition and loyalty of customers.”

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Simplify Business by Simplifying Banking: An Innovation from AMAAR MANAGEMENT LTD

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