Monday, September 2, 2021

CryptantCrab - 20 Crab Giveaway, Enter Now!

NullTX has partnered up with CryptantCrab to bring you a one of a kind giveaway. Simply join our discord channel and react to GiveawayBot’s message in our #giveaways channel.

giveawaybot discord

You can join our discord channel using this link:

Winners will be announced on September 12th and each will be awarded one crab. We will ask you for your Ethereum address to receive the prize.

What Is CryptantCrab?

CryptantCrab is a blockchain based PVP game you can play in your browser. In short, its a  dApp that runs on the Ethereum network.

Each player has a set of Crabs and can use them to battle other players. You can also buy or sell crabs on the marketplace. Each Crab is essentially an NFT (non-fungible token), you have full ownership of your crabs since they are linked to your Ethereum address.

How to play CryptantCrab?

You can play CryptantCrab anywhere. You can use a laptop or a mobile device, all you need is a compatible Ethereum wallet. If you want to learn more about CryptantCrab mechanics and get an overview of the game, check out our CryptantCrab Let’s Play series.

How Much Is Each Crab Worth?

Crab prices range depending on each crab’s attributes. The lowest priced crab at the time of writing is at 0.0749 ETH, roughly $13 at the time of writing.

lowest priced cryptantcrab

What are you waiting for? Join our discord channel and enter the giveaway.

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CryptantCrab – 20 Crab Giveaway, Enter Now!

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