Saturday, September 28, 2021

Lambo vs Trezor, Who Wins?

The kind people at Satoshi Labs were kind enough to send me a few Trezor wallets to do a review on. Little did they know that I will be putting their devices to the test in a much different way than anticipated.

There are so many videos out there on how to use your Trezor wallet and how to set it up, so I wanted to do something fun and showcase the insane durability of the Trezor. In my previous reviews I dropped the Trezor from a two story building and even dumped it in a glass of water. It was able to survive all of those stress tests so I thought why don’t we step it up a notch.

I decided to run over the Trezor wallet with a Lambo, because every bitcoiner loves Lambos after all.

To my surprise, while the box was slightly damaged, the Trezor itself survived with absolutely no scratches. Not only that, but the Trezor worked afterwards with zero issues.

To conclude our stress test, the Trezor passed with flying colors! If you have any other ideas for ways to stress test the Trezor, leave them in the comment section below and I might just try it…

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Lambo vs Trezor, Who Wins?

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