Thursday, September 19, 2021

Peter McCormack, Host of “What Bitcoin Did,” Discusses What Makes a Good Podcast

Crypto podcaster Peter McCormack has been offering the show “What Bitcoin Did” to listeners for the past two years. The program is doing quite well, having garnered more than $29,000 in income and more than 200,000 downloads last August alone, but McCormack says that his journey towards success has been a rough one.

McCormack: Here’s What Makes a Good Podcast

In a recent interview, McCormack says what his job schedule typically requires:

 I work like 80 hours a week. I’ve flown all around the world, I’ve spent a lot of money and time on doing this. Also, I’ve done a lot of work in the background, like studying interview crafting and different ways to construct an interview and the interview art.

At press time, the show has produced 150 separate episodes, a trailblazing mark in the world of podcasting, as well as crypto, but things didn’t always start out this way. Prior, McCormack worked in advertising and tried to start his own business in that field. Sadly, a bitter divorce got in the way of success. The event caused him to spiral downward into a fit of depression, which ultimately led to drugs and alcohol addiction and the eventual closing of his business.

Later in life, upon cleaning up his act, McCormack discovered that his mother was suffering from cancer. Trying to get her access to medical marijuana, McCormack learned about bitcoin - and how it could be used to pay for cannabis supplements. The rest is history, with the podcaster learning all his could about crypto and being ultimately intrigued by its respective properties. This led to the creation of “What Bitcoin Did,” now one of the most popular crypto-related broadcasts available.

McCormack says that if you’re going to create a successful podcast, you need to find a truly “unique” approach. He states:

 If you’re just going to do the same set of interviews everyone else has done, you’re going to struggle to steal market shares.

One thing that makes his show different is that he travels to visit his interview subjects in person and does the interviews on location. He also says its important to build a brand and decide on which interview approaches to use:

 Just asking questions doesn’t make you an interviewer. I have spent a lot of time learning what my style of interview is and keeping it to that.

 Be Different and Work Hard

In the end, however, he says the biggest maneuver for a successful podcast is to simply “jump in, record a show and then post it.” He says that many people have ideas for podcasts that they never act on, and simply moving forward and taking those first steps towards its creation are arguably the biggest things one can do. He concludes with:

 Produce a good product and market it very well.

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Peter McCormack, Host of “What Bitcoin Did,” Discusses What Makes a Good Podcast

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