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BND Capital; Save time and generate profits with a managed investment account

Discretionary investment management firm BND Capital offers a new way to profit from trading without having to stay on top of the markets every day. BND Capital offers a completely managed service through an innovative and easy to use online platform. Instead of trading every day and devoting hours to research, BND Capital allows investors to deposit funds into their investment account and have it invested by professionals through a proven trading strategy powered by sophisticated trading tools.

BND Capital has a stated objective to deliver an attractive level of performance over the medium-to-long-term, enabling clients to meet their investment goals. They do this by providing cost-effective access to a professionally managed service, supported by in-depth financial analysis and insights


Professional investment management team

BND Capital is made up of a highly qualified investment team that utilize computerized, pre-programmed trading instructions to make daily profits for their clients from the volatile price movements in the global foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets. With their dedication and commitment to client satisfaction, they are driven to push your investment in the right direction of growth.


The Company’s track record testifies for the validity of their claims and effectiveness of their trading systems


Investing With BND Capital: Flexible, Transparent and Innovative

Investors enjoy the benefit of not being boggled down with unnecessary fees and charges. BND Capital only charge fees on profits, these fees are charged at 0.5% of profits and are billed before your profits are credited into your investment account which is done at the end of each trading cycle. They do not charge clients any other fees even for withdrawals and deposits.

Their simple approach provides users a hands-free experience while keeping the control in their hands. Utilizing the latest update on their platforms, clients now have the ability to follow their account growth 24/7. As part of the full-service, clients do not have to execute trading decision on their own, but rather delegate the responsibility to the expert team at BND Capital. All investors have to do is, open an investment account, make an investment deposit and monitor investment growth.

Trade results, which are updated daily, are also made available to investors from their online account dashboard.


Their professional approach

The combination of a very experienced and professional investment team and an innovative investment strategy enables BND Capital to earn an impressive and consistent level of return for their clients. 

Their expertise can be found in their meticulous approach to market research, product development and to consistency in adapting to the fast-paced and forever changing environment of the global financial markets which they trade.

BND Capitals trading strategy involves the use of complex algorithms that trade high frequency and try to profit of volatile movements in the markets, they are constantly adapting their technology to enable them maintain a competitive edge in the markets. The trading edge their trading systems hold is further supplemented by the underlying trading and analytical expertise of their investment team.

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BND Capital; Save time and generate profits with a managed investment account

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