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INTERVIEW: MintDice’s CEO Offers Insights Into the Platform and Their Strategy

MintDice is a new entrant in the cryptocurrency gaming scene and the company has attracted a lot of attention in recent days, as the company is said to develop its own games from scratch. It is a novel deviation from the current standards, as most of the online game platforms tend to rely on games developed by certain well-known publishers than creating their own custom, provably fair games. We asked a few questions about MintDice and its features to the CEO Bryce Daifuku and this is what he had to say:

Q: Let us start with the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they look at MintDice. How is it different from other cryptocurrency casinos?

A: We are trying to accomplish many things to create the best overall architecture for the Bitcoin casino space presently. To begin with, we are only using Provably Fair technology but also making very high quality, high production value games that extend from this. Often times in the online casino industry players have to choose between lower quality casino games that are provably fair or higher quality casino games that are not provably fair. We are trying to bridge that gap.

Secondly, we are trying to have a very diverse range of options to entice virtually any type of person interested in cryptocurrency. Of course, we offer casino games like Bitcoin Dice, but we also offer games of skill where players with the best wits can actually earn Bitcoin while playing their favorite games. And to top it off, we have a Bitcoin investment vehicle that allows people to profit share in the casino’s earnings giving a multitude of ways for potential consumers to involve themselves with MintDice.

Finally, MintDice will be launching a few first-ever-to-market Provably Fair skill and casino games over the coming months. For those that are interested in playing the upcoming Pyramid, PowerMint Lottery or Castle Royale games, MintDice will be the only place to find them.

Q: Having understood the difference, now let us focus on the game offerings. Can you give our readers some insight into the game titles available on the platform and any upcoming additions?

A: Of course. Our most popular game is the classic Bitcoin game of Bitcoin Dice. This is a choose your own odds game with a very low house edge.

Our Bitcoin Slots game comes with three variants (Blue, Green and Red) which allow for different risk profiles and jackpot wins as large as 10,000x. We believe this to be the highest production value Provably Fair slot machine set currently operating in the world and it will receive a few updates next year as well to further increase it’s jackpot payouts and user interactivity.

The Plinko Game we innovated on as well. Instead of using standard ball drops we are using 3-D dice drops. The quirk of our game is that any time a dice lands on the number “6” your prize payout doubles!

Our highest production value game currently in operation is our Bit.Rocket Bitcoin Crash Game. This is a game of skill and luck where you want to exit the rocket at the last possible moment before it explodes to achieve the highest multiplier on your money.

On our road map, we will soon be releasing two more skill games, Pyramid and Castle Royale, as well as another casino game dubbed the PowerMint Lottery. We also have the intention to launch a sports and e-sportsbook in the coming months alongside a better overall gaming platform and quality of life features for our users.

Q: Does MintDice have collaborations with any game creators? Has the company considered developing its own games?

A: MintDice builds all of it’s own games in house from top to bottom. This is the expensive and difficult way of doing business but it allows us to integrate things into our own platform seamlessly and naturally gives us the capacity to implement as many Provably Fair protocols as possible per any game’s requirements and modulations as necessary.

However, MintDice will be looking to license a sportsbook from a provider as a first (and probably last) in the coming months. The reason for this particular move is because Provably Fair technology does not exist in the world of sports gambling. The unknown outcome of a sporting event is it’s own Provably Fair mechanism if you will, so building our own platform from the ground up would likely be an unnecessary waste of time and money.

Q: What about the security features and privacy of its users?

A: MintDice does all of the standard protocols for security and more for it’s users which include:

  1. Utilizing cold wallets whenever possible
  2. Emergency addresses
  3. 2-Factor Authentication
  4. Anonymous and instant account creation
  5. Proof of Solvency
  6. FAQ documentation for users to increase their personal privacy both on and off of MintDice.

Q: Another important factor when it comes to online casinos and game platforms is transparency. Can you throw some light on that with respect to MintDice?

A: Likely the two most important concerns for users regarding transparency revolve around a website’s solvency and knowing that a casino’s games are not rigged.

To those ends, we have Proof of Solvency wallets to show users that we do in fact have the funds on hand that the website claims to have in order to be able to pay out its users. And as far as fair gameplay goes, we utilize very strict methodology for adding in as many Provably Fair mechanisms for all present and future games in as many capacities as is reasonably possible to implement.

Q: How does one sign up on MintDice and can you tell us about the supported deposit and withdrawal options?

A: You can create an account almost instantly with the anonymous account feature on or preferably you can add in your e-mail and password combination for your own security.

Presently, the only coin supported is Bitcoin and our in house MintDice play money known as “Federal Reserve Dollars”. We plan on adding both altcoins and fiat-based deposit methods over the coming months once we can devote the proper development time towards these projects.

Q: Can you tell us about the team behind MintDice?

A: I can tell you that the team shifts around a lot depending on the needs of the project. Typically, there have been about 12 people involved depending on the moment in time that are scattered quite literally across the entire globe. We’ve had representation on all continents. These include developers, animators, graphic designers, SFX teams, marketers and so on.

Q: Also, please feel free to add any more information you would like to convey to our readers.

A: With our wide variety of features I’d encourage you to check out MintDice as there is likely some aspect to it that you might find enjoyable or useful. And as stated earlier in the interview, we have a lot of new projects coming out so keep an eye out for upcoming releases as well, as our platform expands.

MintDice is available at:

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INTERVIEW: MintDice’s CEO Offers Insights Into the Platform and Their Strategy

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