Wednesday, October 30, 2021

NIX Technology, Part 4 - The dApp Layer

To conclude the series of articles related to NIX technology where we have talked about the Protocol Layer, the Use Layer and the Communication Layer, today we will talk about the dApp layer, fourth and final layer of this technology, which is currently under development.

The NIX dApp layer runs decentralized applications at the top of the network, this offers developers and users the option of using the NIX unique privacy protocol layer.

One of the functions that these dApps will have, in addition to saving digital resources, will be to bridge the different decentralized exchanges (DEX). The DEX Manager will solve the privacy layers while connecting the different decentralized exchanges.

Another advantage of connecting between the different decentralized exchanges with this dApp apart from privacy, will be the increase in liquidity available for exchanges, one of the big problems that currently affects DEX.


NIX and decentralized exchanges

One of the goals in the NIX roadmap is the creation of the first decentralized exchange manager, which they are currently working on. When this is completed, NIX can be targeted by many investors, who seek total anonymity when making their transactions.

Currently, traditional exchanges require a third party so that users can make cryptocurrency exchanges, in addition to the new laws and regulations, many of these exchanges require their users to register giving their personal data to use their services or exclude users according to their place of residence.

Since in order to use these exchanges you need to send the cryptocurrencies to the wallets where they have control, the occurrence of a platform closing and disappearing with the money of their customers is also common.

All these problems will be solved using atomic exchanges through the NIX decentralized exchange manager, where they will allow the exchange between cryptocurrencies without the need for a third party, in addition to providing total privacy through a multi-level commercial structure.

“To trade coin A for coin B via the NIX platform, there are several steps that take place to ensure that when a trader receives coin B, the swap is untraceable and private.” they state on the NIX whitepaper.

Thanks to this, transactions become impossible to track, returning one of its pillars to cryptocurrencies, the privacity.

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NIX Technology, Part 4 � The dApp Layer