Friday, October 11, 2021

Rock It Coin to Bring New BTC Kiosk to Chicago

Rock It Coin, a bitcoin kiosk company, has joined hands with the Blockchain Institute to install its 200th machine in the middle of Chicago.

Rock It Coin Is Creating a World of Mainstream Blockchain Apps

Michael Dalesandro, CEO and fonder of Rock It Coin, comments:

This installation marks yet another milestone in our company’s growth. After installing machines across the country, it means a lot to install our 200th one in Chicago where we started the company… We see this [blockchain] technology being used to process payments, monitor supply chains, create digital IDs, regulate data sharing, authenticate real estate transfers, and even create secure voting mechanisms. The possibilities are endless.

Founded in 2018, the Blockchain Institute is dedicated to teaching others about blockchain technology and boosting its overall adoption and development. Taylor Gerring, executive director of the Institute, says:

Our mission is simple: to provide education material and courses for all that are interested in learning about this new technology.

Indeed, blockchain education has become an important factor in the growth of the industry. As more and more college and university-bound students request blockchain and crypto-centered courses, for example, educational programs are beginning to make way for additional classes, seminars and other means of teaching younger students about the technology that will likely be a mainstream enterprise by the time they’re full-fledged adults.

Among the universities to recently add blockchain classes to their rosters including the Wharton School in Pennsylvania, and Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland.

Hannah Rosenberg operates the Hackhaus working space in Chicago that’s about to play host to this new bitcoin kiosk. She explains:

There is no better demonstration of blockchain than the cryptocurrency that started it all - bitcoin. Partnering with Rock It Coin to bring a kiosk to our space gives those wanting to learn more about blockchain a real-world application of it.

In a traditional sense, bitcoin and crypto-based kiosks operate very much like ATM machines. They’re typically found in convenience stores and allow customers to purchase or trade a wide variety of differing digital coins, including bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash to name a few. This is done when the customer provides a cell phone number to the kiosk. Following a brief text designed to validate one’s identity, the trading can commence.

The primary difference between kiosks and ATMs is that kiosks operate more like automated tellers and exchange digital coins for USD or USD for digital coins.

Expanding to Other Territory

Dalesandro explains:

While Rock It Coin has focused primarily on cryptocurrencies up to this point, we are now expanding into other applications of the blockchain. We share the belief of the Blockchain Institute that this technology is game changing, and Rock It Coin wants to be at the forefront… Our kiosks provide customers with a safe, efficient, and fast way to obtain or sell bitcoins.

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Rock It Coin to Bring New BTC Kiosk to Chicago

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption (cryptography) to regulate the generation of currency and verify the transfer of funds, independently of a central bank. Cryptography is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third party adversaries.

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