Monday, October 14, 2021

[XRP] Ripple’s product director thinks of a new donation project for artists

In a tweet on October 13, Ripple’s Director of Products Craig DeWitt revealed a side project idea on XRP ledger that will allow mp4 downloads for direct XRP donations to the artists.

Craig DeWitt’s tweet reads:

Now that the Xpring SDK has launched I’m working on a XRPL side project!

Any musicians or podcasters interested in selling their stuff for XRP direct to their address?

I’m thinking about building a site that allows mp4 downloads for direct #XRP donations to the creator.”

Craig DeWitt further said that he has received tons of messages from the community about the need to pay for professional recordings but DeWitt clarified that there is no need to pay. He said:

A ton of DMs about-needing to pay for professional recording?

No, XRP’s ability to be sent in micro amounts liberates the artist from the traditionally expensive costs of recording. Record on a phone and sell it for .0001 cents!”

Craig DeWitt also clarified that it is just his idea and the company has not built it yet.

Wietse Wing, a developer on XRP ledger, appreciated the effort taken by the Director of Product and named this innovative idea as donations right to musicians (DRM).

Alloy Network, a custom hosting provider for enterprise applications which also runs XRP ledger public hub, advised that that if the information about the artists were made available in meta, the amount in XRP can be split on an agreed-upon ratio, boosting collaborative work. The company also added that Interledger protocol (ILP) could solve a “long-standing problem on distribution of royalties based on needle time”.

A Twitter user, Cavalie Matthieu asked Craig DeWitt why will the company be using XRP only? There should be a choice of digital assets on the website. Craig DeWitt replied:

This is more of a PoC for software capable of selling digital assets for digital assets.

XRP is best for that, so we’ll start there. I think I’ll open source the software so you can do anything you want with it.”

Xpring, Ripple’s investment and partnership arm, had recently launched a Xpring Platform for developers designed to remove the pain and the messiness of integrating money into apps. This new platform provides developer tools, services, and programs to integrate money into your apps.

On October 11, Xpring invested into cryptocurrency wallet BRD to enable users to hold, purchase, sell and spend XRP tokens through the wallet.

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[XRP] Ripple’s product director thinks of a new donation project for artists