Thursday, November 14, 2021

Bitstamp Hires Andrew Leelarthaepin to Head Its Business Operations in the Asian Pacific (APAC) Region

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region was the first region to embrace cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology wholeheartedly, leading to many innovations coming out of the area.

As the leading region, when it comes to the crypto space, many firms, among them Bitstamp, have seen the need to launch their services in the area. As Bitstamp sets out to launch its services in APAC, the exchange has brought in Andrew Leelarthaepin to leverage his experience and understanding of the region.

Andrew Leelarthaepin is coming in to head Bitstamp business development docket as the exchange. Although Bitstamp is a reputable crypto exchange, the Asia Pacific crypto industry isn’t the same as that of Europe and the US, where Bitstamp has a firm holding.

However, with an insider’s view and understanding of the market, conquering the sector won’t be hard for Bitstamp.

“In the west, we already have a grip of the sector, and our reputation and market position in the region speaks volumes. However, unlike in the US and Europe where our local connections helped us while we were launching our services, in the Asian Pacific region, we didn’t have that local touch.” Miha Grčar, Bitstamp Global Head of Business Development.

“But now through Andrew’s knowledge of the financial markets coupled with his experience of working in the region, our ambitious plan for the Asia Pacific region has the perfect head.”

As a local expert who handled distributions of business for international financial institutions across the Asia Pacific region, Leelarthaepinis fits well in his new role at Bitstamp. Leelarthaepinis held different leadership positions at Saxo Bank, CGS-CIMB Securities, and JPMorgan Chase, so his work of heading Bitstamp business operations in APAC is cut out for him.

Besides that, he’s also an expert in a broad range of financial asset classes and also understands workings of exchanges traded market structures and OTC. In the financial asset class, Leelarthaepinis dealt in equities, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, futures, and derivatives. Apart from all that, Leelarthaepinis is highly motivated and ready to work for Bitstamp.

“I’m more than excited I will be working with Bitstamp experienced team. They have been present in the space since the beginning. With the Asian region embracing crypto at breakneck speeds, I’m glad I will be heading Bitstamp business operations in Asia as we move in to hack the Asian crypto market.” Andrew Leelarthaepinis.

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