Wednesday, November 27, 2021

Grounder Coin Will Allow Colonized Planets to Engage in Transactions

A new type of cryptocurrency called Grounder Coin is looking to be the first digital currency that can be used in space.

Grounder Coin: Bringing the Planets Together?

This raises a lot of questions. Have scientists discovered aliens that Earth people are now looking to do business with, and we think a universal form of crypto that will allow people and those aliens to pay for goods and services is the answer?

Well, not exactly. As time progresses, more time has been put into colonizing other planets and placing people on other worlds. These people will potentially still want to do business with those who remain on Earth, which is where Grounder Coin will likely come into play. The purpose of the currency is to allow people from everywhere - and the company does mean everywhere - to engage in business transactions. A token sale for Grounder Coin is scheduled for the end of January 2020.

Christopher De Bon, the founder and president of the currency, explains:

We’re something different and in-between. For a company launching a blockchain cryptocurrency network, we are putting a huge focus into planning how we grow and expand the network’s physical reach. This is a little off putting for those into cryptocurrency and its decentralized mindset. We are also putting the spotlight on our fund allocations for launching hardware into space, which means we must be taken seriously by members of other industries as well. Our goals are uniquely challenging as we meld several engineering disciplines and multiple industries to create the Grounder Coin network.

De Bon has a lot of confidence in Earth and its people, but he also acknowledges that at some point in time, the planet is going to run out of natural resources. Sadly, when this happens, native peoples will have nowhere to turn. This, he says, is why colonization will occur across the universe. Other planets are likely to bear materials and minerals that people will need to survive, and Earth’s people will be able to continue as they should.

We Need More Resources

And as people travel to these planets and engage in business proceedings on their surfaces, Grounder Coin will provide them with the financial infrastructure they need to ensure their population’s survival. Aside from being just a cryptocurrency, De Bon says that Grounder Coin will also be a blockchain that permits tokenization, or the creation of other financial entities through its network. He explains:

Tokenization is a big point in the Grounder Coin network. Tokenization enables companies and individuals to tokenize financial instruments and assets. It would come up as an extremely powerful and frequently used method for trade and exchange of commodities and exchanges in the cradle days of space colonization. Companies will have the power to issue or create their tokens stapled to resources.

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Grounder Coin Will Allow Colonized Planets to Engage in Transactions