Friday, November 1, 2021

Podcast: Pei CEO Tom Bachar on Changing Cash-Back Rewards With Bitcoin

People will always need banking but now, more than ever, we’re beginning to see that people don’t necessarily need banks. Emerging apps such as Pei offer consumers opportunities to grow their finances without relying on credit card companies. In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Dave Hollerith interviews Tom Bachar, co-founder and CEO of Pei, to find out how that’s possible. 

Pei is a mobile card-linked, cash-back app with banking functionalities that helps people save money. Users link their existing debit or credit cards to the app and then, when they make purchases at select merchants, get rewarded in BTC or cash.

Beyond diving into what services Pei offers to users, the two discuss how it makes money and how it treats user data.

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