Tuesday, December 17, 2021

Karushchain Hires “Bitcoin Man” Herbert Sim

Karuschain - a blockchain company that seeks to connect distributed ledger technology to the world of precious metals - has hired the “Bitcoin Man,” Herbert R. Sim, as its latest adviser and investor.

Karuschain Mixes Blockchain with Precious Metals

In a statement, the company’s CEO Richard Verkley announced:

We are pleased to have ‘the Bitcoin Man’ himself coming in as a lead investor, and simultaneously as a key adviser. His years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will prove invaluable to Karuschain’s global ambitions and help bring focus and a gateway to Asia, the world’s largest gold market, creating tremendous value for both the company and investors alike.

The news comes just days after Karuschain stated that it would be delaying its IEO until after the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. At that time, the company was stating that it would soon announce a “high profile global blockchain investor” who at press time, we can only assume is Sim.

Herbert himself offered a few words on the subject and discussed his joy over becoming a member of the Karuschain family. He explained:

Karuschain’s blockchain project is unlike the thousands of others in the industry I have seen thus far. The project brings together a complete supply chain solution for the precious metals mining industry utilizing blockchain technology. It gives mining companies a powerful tool to safeguard human rights while at the same time, reducing risks and improving environmental regulations in their supply chains.

Sim got his start in the cryptocurrency industry by founding what’s come to be known as Crypto Chain University in 2010. The establishment is a storehouse for some of the world’s leading whitepapers centered around crypto and blockchain projects and companies.

In addition, Sim began a website in 2016 called TheBitcoinMan.com, which is arguably how he got his nickname. The site simply lists all the crypto and blockchain ventures Sim has invested in.

Verkley added to his statement by saying:

At Karuschain, we pride ourselves on working with the best. It’s how we’ve created a world-class blockchain implementation company, with a moral compass for the mining industry, with an incredible real-world asset. This has been achieved quickly through partnering with the best of the best in the industry like Mine RP, JPMC Mining Consulting and now by bringing Herbert aboard.

Making Sure Everything Is Ethical

As a leading blockchain firm, Karuschain provides tools to companies mining precious metals so that they can regulate and better monitor all their extraction projects. The firm boasts nearly 300 individual employees that have experience in either the precious metals or blockchain industries.

The main goal of the firm is to ensure human rights are not violated. Thus, through the company’s blockchain services, mining enterprises can source all their goods to ensure they are obtained through legal means.

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Karushchain Hires “Bitcoin Man” Herbert Sim