Friday, December 6, 2021

Lolli and Expedia Join Hands to Give Vacationers BTC Rewards

Lolli - a program that rewards users with cryptocurrency - has partnered with travel site Expedia as a means of pushing its crypto agenda.

Lolli Allows Travelers to Earn BTC Rewards

From here on out, all customers of Lolli who utilize Expedia to plan their next vacation are eligible to receive as much as five percent cash back in bitcoin and cryptocurrency funds. Talk about living large - plan your next big getaway to Switzerland or Malta, and you’ll earn BTC for doing so.

Lolli CEO Alex Adelman explained that he’s confident the move is likely to push bitcoin closer towards mainstream territory. In a statement, he expressed his joy that Expedia would want to become part of the crypto rewards family the company has been seeking to build over the past two years.

Adelman explained:

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Expedia. Our users love earning bitcoin when they travel, and Expedia has been a highly requested partner since we launched. This year, Expedia is projected to generate billions in bookings. Rewarding travelers with bitcoin is an incredible way to distribute an enormous amount of bitcoin and make bitcoin more accessible to all, while educating people on the power and importance of bitcoin.

Lolli has developed a wide array of affiliates and partners in a relatively short period. It is reported that Americans alone will spend nearly $10 billion in online purchases during 2019’s holiday season, which means that granted they shop with partners of Lolli, they’re likely to earn BTC back on everything they buy.

John Cianciarulo - partner marketing manager with Expedia - explained:

We are excited to be partnering with Lolli who has proven to be a leader in the bitcoin rewards space by their vast pool of online retailers which represent some of the top brands in the world. To be able to offer cashback but in bitcoin for our customers is a great opportunity for Expedia, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without working with Lolli.

Among Lolli’s biggest affiliates are Walmart, Macy’s, Hilton, GAP and Old Navy. In November, the company landed another serious partner in Chinese online retailer Alibaba, which is often compared with Amazon in terms of size and revenue.

Recently, the company earned a place on CNBC’s list of top 100 financial startups to watch. It was the only bitcoin-centered company to make the cut, which suggests that while bitcoin hasn’t quite hit mainstream status just yet, the digital currency is beginning to turn heads in the financial space.

Reaching the Top

The company was also one of 600 companies to apply for a spot, so the fact that a BTC-based venture would be taken so seriously by one of the world’s leading media outlets says a lot.

At press time, bitcoin has fallen by $200 since yesterday and is trading for $7,300.

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Lolli and Expedia Join Hands to Give Vacationers BTC Rewards