Friday, December 6, 2021

The Best Way of Mining Bitcoin: Ultra Mining

The rise in price and interest for Bitcoin have generated a surge in mining facilities. But these facts have also made it hard for the average individual to make a profit from mining Bitcoin on his own. Ultra Mining wants to make Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone and help to contribute towards the decentralization of crypto mining.

The Ultra Mining Bitcoin Service

Nowadays, to mine Bitcoin on your own you need an expensive and powerful ASIC hardware, not to mention maintenance and technical configurations required to keep the mining in optimal parameters.

Ultra Mining created its Bitcoin cloud mining to enable users of all economical and technical backgrounds to participate in the Bitcoin market. The advent of digital currencies is impacting the financial world, and Ultra Mining feels no one should be left out from investing in crypto.

ULTRA MINING is a legit Bitcoin mining service that can yield significant profits in cryptocurrencies for you by mining remotely using powerful datacenters. Their datacenters are located in massive numbers in the United States and China, and generate a hashing power of 671.4 Ph/s.

Cloud mining is the easiest way of mining without having to invest in hardware or maintenance. Ultra Mining provides advanced ASIC chips that mine at efficient capacity, and the company performs all the routine maintenance of this equipment and keeps the servers at 100% uptime.

There are no hidden fees charged, with the service also including real-time market statistic monitoring, financial transactions, and earnings estimates from the dashboard.

Ultra Mining guarantees an instant connection, 24/7 access and support, no delays or interruptions, and mining outputs on a daily basis.

The Mining Plan

ULTRA MINING currently offers Bitcoin mining solutions, but there are plans of adding more plans for different cryptos in the future.

Their 2-year mining contract supports SHA-256 mining and includes 0.01 TH/S, which allows you to withdraw any sum over 0.001 BTC. Payouts are credited every 12 hours to the user’s account.

The mining is done through the powerful Antminer S17+ developed by Bitmain, which currently is the best miner for Bitcoin.

Pay with Crypto!

Users are able to pay with Bitcoin for their plan, but they also have the option of using other cryptos, such as Ethereum, Litecoin. and Bitcoin Cash.

Regulatory Aspects

In the crypto world, there are many businesses that are registered in foreign countries. This causes suspicion for many users, as they cannot verify the legality of the company.

But Ultra Mining is completely transparent and trustworthy, as it is based in the US and abides by stringent financial regulations.

The company has eve posted its entire registration details and the website where you can look up its business. This is what makes Ultra Mining a legit cloud mining service.

Become a VIP

The VIP service offered by Ultra Mining is available to clients who purchase mining contracts from 1000 Th/s.

VIP clients benefit from exclusive perks, such as a personal account manager, which will offer advice on equipment, mining pool, profitability, contract status, and more. The user will also be able to receive personalized offers, special discounts, and promotions.

The VIP++ service is availed to customers who purchase over 10,000 TH/s. These clients will benefit from over 50% bonus of mining power and several other unique advantages.

Affiliate Rewards of up to %20!

You can earn a commission by referring to ULTRA’s mining services to new users. Businesses that refer to the Bitcoin cloud mining service to their user base can earn up to 20% of the contract’s value.

What Are You Waiting for? Start Mining with Ultra Mining Today!

Forget the days of complicated mining setup and expensive hardware. Through Ultra Mining, you can earn Bitcoin in an easy and decentralized manner.

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The Best Way of Mining Bitcoin: Ultra Mining