Friday, January 17, 2022

Video: Reviewing the Billfodl Multishard

Bitcoin Magazine reviewed the Billfodl Multishard, a two-of-three stainless steel recovery seed storage device that allows you to split your seed into three shards, ensuring that, even if someone finds one part of your phrase, they won’t be able to steal your funds.

Each shard allows you to store up to 16 words of your seed phrase, and each unit tells you which 16 out of the 24 total words to load up. Shard One houses words 1 to 16, Shard Two houses words 9 to 24 and Shard 3 houses words 1 to 8 and 17 to 24. Once this process is complete, you will have effectively backed up each seed word twice. 

As mentioned in the video review, you can also choose to use just eight slots per shard and fill the rest up with random letters to achieve a three-of-three setup, which would ensure maximum security. Billfodl worked with an industry expert, Dave Bitcoin, the head of Wallet Recovery Services. Dave Bitcoin determined that, if utilizing 1,000,000 modern GPUs, it would take approximately 1 billion years (not to mention the roughly $65 trillion it would cost to purchase and run 1 million modern GPUs, even assuming a low electricity cost of $0.02 per kilowatt hour). 

In terms of use and design, the sleek and sharp feel of the individual shards feels comfortable in your hands. However, the individual letters that need to be inserted into the shards come in a punch-out style container that can’t be sealed properly once it’s opened. So, be sure to set up the three shards in one attempt so that you won’t have to store any of the letters in a cumbersome matter. 

Overall, the Billfodl Multishard is an incredibly sturdy and secure device that, if properly set up, can allow any Bitcoiner to sleep safe at night knowing that their recovery seed phrase is safe and properly stored.

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