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Crypto wallet, Merchant and API provider from Blockmove - a new player in the cryptocurrency market

“Hello”, dear colleagues and all those who care about cryptocurrency. My name is Alex and I`m presenting the Blockmove project. Our product is an online platform that provides several services for working with cryptocurrency. Our service at the same time is a multi-currency crypto wallet, a cryptocurrency exchanger, and a Merchant and API provider. In other words, you can use our product as a secure wallet for storing or exchanging cryptocurrencies, as well as accept payments on your websites or in apps through our Merchant or API. Now I`m going to tell you more about the project, its key advantages and our plans for the future. I hope you`ll get interested. 

About creating the Blockmove project

When we were creating Blockmove, we were burning with the idea of giving the world a truly necessary, revolutionary, and of course secure product that would bring all the benefits of digital currencies to everyone. We were trying to make our product so that it would meet these characteristics. I think we`ve managed to do it. I`d like to talk about each service separately.

Blockmove crypto wallet

The first thing we did was developing an anonymous, secure, simple and convenient wallet. 

In a few clicks, you can register and open an account. One of the cryptocurrency overall principles is its anonymity. That`s quite an important aspect of it, which we share and support. This is why we won`t ask for your first name, last name, or other personal information when registering and won`t use it in the future. Only your email and password - nothing else. 

The second important principle is security. Probably, each of you has seen dozens of news stories about how hackers stole someone’s funds from some exchanges or services. The community is tired of this, people are losing funds by trusting them to third parties, and this is wrong. In this regard, we have clearly defined for ourselves that we won`t store our users’ private keys on our servers or anywhere else. Your private key is available to you, and only to you. The security and privacy of our users is critical for our success.

We`ve tried to make the wallet as simple and clear as possible, so that you won`t make extra and unnecessary actions. We are constantly improving and refining it to make your experience a real pleasure. You can create wallets for the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and add absolutely any ERC-20 tokens. Of course, you can exchange between wallets at the best exchange rates.

Blockmove Merchant Service and API

When we’re done with the wallet, it’s time to create a solution for the users who need more than just storing and managing a cryptocurrency. This is about the users who develop websites, applications, products, and solutions and want to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their projects. This is how our products appeared - Merchant Service (Online Payments) for accepting payments on your websites and online stores, and the API for more complex integrations and interaction with our service.

We realized that security and convenience are not enough, so we decided to offer the best conditions on the market in the form of a low commission. Have a look at the rates on our website and you`ll get a pleasant surprise. Of course, access to online payment acceptance and API is open immediately after registration. We have excellent API documentation and usage examples in our official Github branch. In addition, you can always write to our customer support service or place a ticket from your account with any questions. 

Plans for the future

We aren`t planning to stop and constantly work to improve the service. We will soon launch apps for iOS and Android so that you can access your finances anytime, anywhere. We are also preparing several more services and features to be launched. We constantly add support for new cryptocurrencies and blockchains. 

Blockmove is a reliable and fast-growing crypto company that helps people around the world have an easy and secure way to access cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to challenge the current situation and overcome today’s borders in order to create an open financial future that is supported by the broadest global community.

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Crypto wallet, Merchant and API provider from Blockmove – a new player in the cryptocurrency market