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Aeternity Blockchain Bogotá Meetup Goes Virtual Due to Coronavirus

Aeternity Blockchain Bogotá Meetup Goes Virtual Due to Coronavirus

Aeternity blockchain meetup is the latest to go virtual due to concerns about coronavirus pandemic. The meetup was supposed to be held in Bogota city with the organization of colombian ambassador, Fabian Hernandez.

The organizer team announced on twitter that the meeting would be held virtually on March 26th.

“The next #meetup organized by Colombian #aembassador Fabián Hernández will be a #virtual one. Striving to keep the #aeternity #blockchain community safe and healthy, all face-to-face gatherings have been cancelled #covid19”, according to tweet.

Aeternity team’s last meeting was on Bogota named Open Class on February 29th. The team wanted to hold another meeting in the city to discuss more on ideas, use cases, and opportunities of Aeternity blockchain.

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Coronavirus Affects Meetings

Meetings and gathering events play a vital role in the tech world. Blockchain communities around the world also take benefit of meetings and conferences to spread the word about the new achievements, products, opportunities, use cases, and advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the public.

In recent weeks, coronavirus pandemic has caused the postponement, cancellation, or going virtual for lots of tech and non-tech conferences. Authorities around the world recommend and sometimes urge organizers to cancel the meetings. Social distancing is the first and foremost solution to stop the spread of the virus, and avoiding crowded places is now promotes more than ever.

Aeternity team decided to follow the regulation in Bogota city and cancel the physical meeting. Therefore, the team will hold the upcoming meetup - named Coffee Meetup - virtually using Jitsi service. Users interested in the subject can join the vide-conference with the link that the organizer team will share on March 26th.

Upcoming Aeternity meetup focuses on topics like ideas and use cases of the blockchain. There will be discussion and question session, too.

“As we are planning 2 hours of virtual meetup, we will open the discussion here in the forum and in the AEternity Bogotá and Español channels in Telegram, to allow postulate assistants who want to discuss their ideas and use cases during the event”, according to the post in Aeternity forum.

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