Friday, March 6, 2022

Flow blockchain launches Flow Playground for developers to test applications in the platform

Dapper Labs, the developer of successful dapps game, Cryptokitties launched a new platform for developers to test decentralized applications. The team has a blockchain network named Flow, and the new tool is called Flow Playground.

A playground for blockchain developers

The team behind the Flow blockchain launched Flow Playground as a tool for developers to test making apps for the blockchain. It is an interactive web interface that lets developers code smart contracts and dapps for Flow blockchain. Besides, it provides some resources for developers to start coding.

Developers on Flow Playground can make lots of blockchain-based products and services like on-chain currencies, collectibles, marketplace, and more. Besides, there will be a community for developers to save and share their work.

Flow also introduced a new programming language named Cadence that is resource-oriented and provides features from popular languages like Swift and Rust.

“Cadence is a new, easy-to-use smart contract language developed specifically for the new paradigm of decentralized assets and apps,” tweeted Roham Gharegozlou, CEO at Dapper Labs.

Flow Alpha is another announcement in Flow blockchain. This new platform provides some exclusive features for developers in the network. Flow Alpha users can have access to a unique Discord channel to collaborate with blockchain’s top builders. Also, they will have the opportunity to communicate with Flow partners.

Overall, Flow promises opportunities for developers to move forward after testing and making their apps/services on Flow blockchain. They can get business model advice or communicate with investors to qualify their projects. Besides, top projects in the Flow Alpha platform have the chance to partner with Dapper Labs and Flow blockchain team.

What is Flow Blockchain?

Flow blockchain focuses on three principals introducing itself.

“Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain, designed as the foundation for a new generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them,” sais the team in introducing the Flow.

Developer-first experience is one of the principals in Flow that claims 1000x improvements in speed and efficiency. The other one is consumer-friendly onboarding that claims easy access for consumers to products developed on the network.

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