Friday, March 20, 2022

KuCoin Adds Sensorium [SENSO] to the Trading Platform

KuCoin Adds Sensorium [SENSO] to the Trading Platform

KuCoin announced a new listing to the trading platform. The exchange supports Sensorium token (SENSO) from today. Currently, only the SENSO/USDT pair is supported in KuCoin trading platform.

Users can deposit their current SENSO tokens on KuCoin right now. Trading is available from 18:00 UTC+8 today and withdrawals will be enabled on 18:00 March 22 UTC+8.

The Token of VR Experience

Sensorium is a social VR media platform that claims to be the first in the world. The project calls itself,

“A brand new Social VR entertainment platform that allows you to dive into virtual worlds and take part in broadcasted events. Explore new dimensions with other people no matter where in the world you all are”.

Artists, Visionaries and entertainment entities collaborate to design and provide VR experience in the Sensorium platform.

Sensorium is designed as a galaxy that has some planets, and each planet provides a particular virtual experience for the user. Music Planet is one of the first developed virtual planets that enables the user to attend live and on-demand concerts in an immersive virtual environment. Users from around the globe can enjoy the shows and even interact with each other.

SENSO Sensorium

Motion Planet is the second ready virtual environment in the Sensorium platform. This environment is focused on dancing and users can have virtual experience with famous artists and learn from them. Sensorium developers use their proprietary Mocap Studio to capture dance movements of the artists and create virtual arts in the Motion Planet.

Sensorium users can pay for various parts of their VR experience with SENSO token. The token is an ERC-20 one based on Ethereum blockchain. SENSO token can be used to:

“Create a unique look for your avatar and become an owner of a personal cabin on the starship sensorium. Exchange items with other players among the sensorium galaxy. Receive an opportunity to get the sensorium galaxy early access”, according to Sensorium website.

It seems that KuCoin will be the first exchange to support SENSO. According to the usage of the currency that focuses on payments inside a VR platform, there is no surprise if we don’t see much trading in the future.

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