Wednesday, December 16, 2021

Cardano: Stake Pool Margin Has Little Affect on ADA Rewards

Cardano Stake Pool Operators - Significance of Margin for Delegators

Cardano Stake Pool Margin, Differences in ADA Rewards

Initially, it appears that a low-percent Cardano stake pool is favorable to delegators; however, there is more to the equation. In reality, the difference in margin translates to a very small impact to the delegator, but an equitable margin enables  stale pool operators to invest in infrastructure, security and support for its delegators. In fact, a very low margin pool is likely either subsidizing their costs through alternate income, or simply putting the bare minimum time and effort in managing their pool - the difference in rewards between a 1% and a 2% stake pool is actually only about 0.05%. Of course, there are other variables to consider such as pledge, saturation, etc.

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