Thursday, November 14, 2021

Alternative Airlines Teams Up With Utrust to Enable Travelers Pay for Their Air Tickets with Crypto

As Bitcoin and the likes continue to get intertwined in our day to day lives, more and more people are getting attracted to crypto. The latter is leading to different firms in various sectors stepping up to enable crypto enthusiasts to spend their coins anywhere with ease. As such, in the UK, Alternative Airlines, an OTA firm, has embraced crypto by teaming up with Utrust to enable customers to pay for their air tickets in crypto.

Now through their collaboration, crypto enthusiasts traveling anywhere can pay for their tickets in crypto and won’t have to deal with exchanging their digital coins to fiat. However, Alternative Airlines is providing more than just enabling its customers to make payments in crypto. As a firm with deep roots in the transportation sector, Alternative Airlines is giving its customers a variety of options when it comes to traveling.

Through its firm, customers get access to world-leading airlines, the likes of Emirates, Virgin, British Airways, United, and Delta, but that’s not all. If your commute is local, Alternative Airlines has got you covered. They work with over 650 regional and national airlines that operate locally.

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Coins Supported

With all the above local and international destinations covered, now on top of the competitively priced fight tickets, Alternative Airlines is enabling its customers to make payments via Utrust native coin UTK, DigiByte (DGB), DASH, Ethereum (ETH), and lastly Bitcoin (BTC).

In addition to facilitating payments in cryptocurrencies, Utrust will also unearth a high level of security, transparency, and above all, protect Alternative Airlines customers. A fact echoed by Nuno Correia Utrust CEO who said;

“Affording a trip anywhere across the globe or locally takes time and a lot of sacrifices to save the required amount. With these sacrifices and finally arriving at your goal and making arrangements for your trip, we must protect Alternative Airlines customers as they book their flights, and that’s where we come in as Utrust. On top of facilitating payments in Bitcoin, we are coming in to improve security, reduce processing fees, and unleash a high level of transparency.”

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